Dog Daycare Pricing

One Dog:

  • Half Day - $18 + HST = $20.70
  • Full Day - $24.99 + HST = $28.74

Two Dog:

  • Half Day -  $30 + HST = $34.50
  • Full Day -  $40 + HST = $46.00

***More than two furbabies? Please email for special paw pricing***

Prepaid Passes:

  • One dog 5 day pass - $115 + HST = $132.25
  • One dog 10 day pass - $209 + HST = $240.35
  • One dog 15 day pass - $298.50 + HST = $343.28
  • Two dog 10 day pass - $350 + HST = $402.50***Need another two furbaby multi-day pass option or have more than two furbabies? Please email for special paw pricing***
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership - $380 + HST = $437.00***Furbaby/ies can come and go anytime during daycare hours, pre-booking is NOT required! Comes with 10% off for all Store purchases with active membership (Can not be combined with any other sale offer). Only10 slots available. Passes expire monthly from time of purchase. 3 Month commitment required. Billing is per month but other options can be made available (example: Auto-bill, Pay multi-month etc. Please drop in or contact to discuss in more detail) 

***Please note***

When booking half days you are booking for 1 of 2 time slots. If pick up goes beyond the pick up times you will be charged for a full day.

1. 7am to 12pm - Half Day morning

2. 1pm to 5:30pm - Half Day afternoon

We take a lot of pride in our very generous doggy daycare hours at FurEver Pet Needs. As you can imagine, these are pretty long days, for both dogs and staff. As much as the doggies are looking forward to their pick-up "reunion" with mom and/or dad, staff are also looking forward to getting home to their families. As much as we love our daycare dogs, our work here, and our clients, it is just not fair for our staff to be forced to stay late.

Late fee structure:

  • Up to 15 minutes: $25.00 late fee
  • 15 to 30 minutes: $50.00 late fee
  • After 30 minutes: $100 and, if we cannot reach you or your emergency contacts, your dog will be safely boarded at an additional expense to you.

This isn't something we really want to do, and we certainly aren't looking to profit from this. In fact we will be donating any and all late fees to a memorial fund or charity.

We really want to re-iterate that we deeply appreciate our clients, and we understand that things happen to unexpectedly delay us and we get that. Please let us know if you might be running behind. We will not apply this fee lightly (or unfairly), but if we call you past closing time and you have forgotten your dog, you will be charged you the late fee.


Please click below to fill out our online dog daycare assessment form or if you have already filled out the form you can go directly to our online booking page!

Dog Resort Passes

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For all Daycare/Resort related questions and inquiries please send an email to