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Munchie Bones 12″ Braided Beef Collagen Stick

Munchie Bones 12″ Braided Beef Collagen Stick



Our Braided Beef Collagen sticks on average weigh between 60-75 each.

Our Braided Beef/Natural Collagen sticks on average weigh between 80-100 g each.

Beef Collagen Sticks are tough and long lasting chews and great for active chewers.

Collagen sticks are very high in protein and beneficial to your K9 digestive, osteopathic, joint, dental and overall health and wellness!

Manufactured in our own factory in Turkey and USFDA and CFIA approved

  • Natural, fresh, healthy
  • Fully digestible one ingredient chews that are made out of the dermis layer of the cow skin.
  • Collagen sticks are rawhide free!
  • No hormones, fillers, artificial preservatives, chemicals or by-products used in production of Collagen Sticks
  • Promotes dental health
  • Helps to maintain muscle mass
  • Full of nutrients like amino acids, peptides, glucosamine, and chondroitin that supporting healthy joints, skin, and coat
  • Sold fresh and can be stored for up to 2 years


Monitor your pet when feeding any chewing sticks or other treats and make sure to provide plenty of fresh water. Introduce chewing sticks gradually – limit to 1 stick per day for the first 3-6 days to avoid an upset stomach. Collagen sticks are high in protein and if your dog is not used to a high protein diet this sudden change could cause an upset stomach initially if an excessive amount is offered.

***   Collagen Sticks are natural products and naturally vary in shape, weight, color, thickness. When shopping for Collagen Sticks it is recommended to shop by weight as it is the best way to compare the cost and value. 

Additional information

Chemical Analysis

Crude Protein: 84.00%
Crude Fat: .06%
Moisture: 2.6%
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